600C Clean 750mL - APC Floor Cleaning for Epoxy Resin Surfaces
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  • Clean 750mL

Clean 750mL

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Clean – Ready to Use 

Cleaning your surface is important to maintain its visual appeal and remove surface contaminants that can be very abrasive.
600C Clean is a premium pH neutral cleaning solution designed for use with all APC coatings as part of regular floor care.

Used in conjunction with 600S Shine to reduce the appearance of scuff marks and scratches, leaving your coatings looking brand new. 
See the Cleaning & Care Guide for further information on caring for your resin surface.

600C Clean may be used as a stripper to remove existing protective cleaning products.


Suitable For:                               

  • Heavy Duty Cleaner 
  • Suitable for all APC Surfaces 
  • Enhances 600S Shine 
  • Residential 
  • Commercial 
  • Industrial 

*Read the SDS (Saftey Data Sheets) and Cleaning and Care Guide prior to use.
*Devices such as digital cameras, computer monitors, printers, and scanners produce colour differently. Therefore, the sample or product may not look exactly like the image that you see on your screen.

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