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Epoxy Tint 1L - Standard Colour Range

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Epoxy Tints

350E Epoxy Tints are designed for solvent or solids based epoxy systems, such as EPO100G® Glaze.

APC Epoxy Tints are formulated to blend consistently and thoroughly with EPO100® range of epoxy. 

For our standard range of EPO100T® Tinted Epoxy it is not necessary to add additional tints, these tints are designed to be used when doing feature and decorative systems such as Swirl Coats and Marble Coats.

350E Epoxy Tints are also used widely within the artistic sector where full control of the product and outcome is desired.

Mixing Instructions:

Tint addition rate is approximately 2L - 3L per 20L of formulated epoxy to give 10% solid colour, this may vary depending on the opacity of the epoxy and the desired result.

* Ensure you have read the SDS prior to use.


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