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Coral 4.5kg - Hyper Flake Signature Series

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Hyper Flake Signature Series


Hyper Flake is a decorative flooring system that captures the beauty and warmth of a natural stone finish. An alternative to the traditional polished floor, offering a consistent polished concrete look and a finish that has been formulated with durability at the forefront of requirements.

Hyper Flake Systems completed in our Crystal Finish have a glossy, glass-like seamless finish offering a modern, durable, hygienic, and grout-free floor.
Our Diamond Finish will take your floor to another level of sophistication with additional depth and gloss.

Hyper Flake Signature Series is an easy to maintain long term solution that brings elegance into your home. Don't settle for anything less than stunning.

Full Hyper Flake Signature Series System:

This system will give you a high-end look with a contemporary finish that is easily maintained.

A number of options for topcoats:

  • UV stable Tetrathane®
  • UV stable & quick return to service Sparta60 and Sparta Guard
  • EPO100® Glaze with a topcoat of Tetrathane®, this system gives a high end, glass-like finish with depth of coat, very desirable for interior application.

IMPORTANT- These samples are based upon specific base colours, changing the base colour from the one specified for the sample will produce a different outcome from what you see here.

EPO100T® N43 Pipeline Grey Base

EPO100T® N23 Neutral Grey Base

EPO100T® N61 Dark Grey Base

Spread Rate: 12m2/4.5kg box

*Read the TDS (Technical Data Sheets), SDS (Saftey Data Sheets) and installation instructions prior to use.
*Devices such as digital cameras, computer monitors, printers, and scanners produce colour differently. Therefore, the sample or product may not look exactly like the image that you see on your screen.
*Applications and desired results can vary greatly from project to project.

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