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Cut & Coat Systems

Traditional Polished Concrete is achieved through a series of mechanically grinding and polishing using products such as APC Grout and Densicure Densifier.

During the concrete polishing installation, the surface is processed through a series of steps using a Diamond Grinder and Polishing Pads which gives a stunning finish to any residential or commercial environment.

Alternatively, there is the Cut & Coat System where the concrete is ground down to expose the desired level of stone and then coated with a topical Urethane such as Tetrathane® or Liquathane® or an Epoxy such as EPO100G® Glaze which may also have a Urethane Tetrathane® top coat.

A great advantage of a Cut and Coat system is the finish is non-porous, therefore easier to keep floor stain-free and is an easier system to install, typically less time and in most cases will be a more cost-effective alternative to the mechanical polish system.

Both systems are very modern, attractive and a long-term solution and a great flooring alternative to other traditional flooring options.