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Metallic Marble System

Metallic Coating Systems are a combination of:

  1. EPO100T® Tinted Epoxy (Base Coat)
  2. EPO100G® Glaze Epoxy + 350M Metallic Epoxy Tint (Metallic Coat)
  3. 500T® Tetrathane UV or similar (Top Coat)

To form a complete system, you will need to order all products.

Colour Chart

Metallic Epoxy System

The APC Metallic System is decorative, hardwearing and low maintenance.

APC manufacture a standard range of colours as shown however also have the ability to produce custom colours/tints on request.

The versatility of this flooring system along with the number of Metallic Tint options means from project to project, prices need to be worked out on each project basis.

APC Metallic Flooring Systems are a specially formulated EPO100G® Glaze Epoxy with a pearlescent Metallic which is applied with a roller, brush or squeegee.

These systems can also be used for benchtops, wall features and artwork. Add a bit of APC glitter to set off your showpiece.

The APC system requires a primer coat of EPO100T® Tinted Epoxy, EPO100G® Glaze coat with Metallic 350M added and a final coat of Urethane.

The finished product is a high-end designer floor with a smooth, glass like finish with depth that has a unique and subtle reflective sparkle.

No two floors will ever look the same with endless creative techniques that can be used to create a style that you can call your own. 

With a modern colour range and the ability to supply special order colour pallet the choices are endless.

Metallic Epoxy Systems:

  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Retail
  • Art Work
  • Bench Tops
  • Residential
  • Showrooms
  • Games Rooms

This system can also be used in the artistic sector creating one off unique artworks, a unique system for both the floor and the walls.


Application & Mixing Guide

1. The surface needs to be clean and free of all contaminants.

2. Make sure relative humidity is below 75% and there will be no rain in the 12 hours following application.

3. Repair any cracks and defects with APC’s Epoxy Putty Concrete Repair Kit.

4. A black or very dark primer coat of EPO100T® is usually applied using up to 10% Epoxy Thinners.

5. Ensure that the primer coat has thoroughly sealed the surface. If in doubt apply another primer coat of EPO100T® using up to 10% 150 Epoxy Thinners. This coat should look even and covered in full, not patchy in any way.

6. Once primer coat has dried (8-10 hours) you are now ready to apply the Metallic Coat. First sand the primer coat with a 100-grit sanding screen or paper, vacuum debris and use a microfibre mop to collect all dust.

7. Mix 1L of Metallic Tint for every 30L of Glaze and pour on the floor in long trails at the rate of 1 Litre per square meter.

8. Use spiked shoes to spread the Metallic Coat with a squeegee or lint free roller (microfibre short nap is suitable).

9. Once the Metallic Coat is cured (24-48 hours) a clear top coat can be applied. Use either Tetrathane® (non-yellowing Urethane), EPO100G® Clear Glaze or Polyaspartic.

10. 24 hours after the clear coat has been applied the surface is ready for light foot traffic, full cure is 7 days, Vehicle Traffic 7 Days.

To Download Brochure click here: Metallic System Brochure

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Spread Rate: EPO100T    3 – 6m2 / L (2 coats are required)
                       EPO100G   1m2 / L 
                       500T            4 – 6m2 / L
                       350M           1L:30L of EPO100G (Glaze) 


*Read the TDS and SDS prior to use
*Devices such as digital cameras,computer monitors, printers, and scanners produce colour differently. Therefore, the sample or product may not look exactly like the image that you see on your screen. 
*Coverage rates for coatings are based on smooth dense surfaces. The surface texture and porosity of the concrete can vary considerably and allowances should be made for this.
*Premium colour range will attract a surcharge.