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  • Glass 20kg

Glass 20kg

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Glass Shard

0.65mm glass shard used as grit or non-slip broadcast medium in epoxy, urethane, or sealers systems.

Glass shard can be broadcast onto the wet coat giving a slip resistant finish. Broadcasting as a sprinkle coat or fully blinding the area will achieve variations on the outcome of the slip resistance as per project requirement. Coating over the glass will then entrap the shard within the system.

Glass can be used in clear coats as the glass is clear and transparent however ensure on application an even broadcast as a heavy and light application could result in the appearance of white patches. 

Spread Rate: 1kg/ 20m2 (Broadcast)

*Read the TDS (Technical Data Sheets), SDS (Saftey Data Sheets) and installation instructions prior to use.
*Independent Slip Testing is to be conducted after application to provide certified documentation that the coating meets or exceeds the required slip rating.

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