River Tables
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River Tables

River Tables are a popular, modern piece of furniture turned artwork. River Tables are made using wood and epoxy resins. This provides a stunning contrast between the natural beauty of the wood and the modern colourful finish of metallic epoxy.

Recommended Products

  • EPO100C® Clear Epoxy Resin: Experienced Users Only 
    90-minute cure with a 90°C Peak Exotherm in a 150ml cup. Relatively quick curing, good for multiple small pours. 
  • EPO100SCC Slow Cure Clear Epoxy Resin: 180-minute cure with a  70°C Peak Exotherm in a 150ml cup.
    This is recommended over EPO100C®, as it cures slower at a lower temperature. This lowers the chances of cracking and allows for deeper pours.


IMPORTANT: All tint additives will increase the temperature and speed of curing. It is advised to use EPO100SCC® Slow Cure Epoxy Resin. 

  • 350M Metallic Epoxy Tint: 3% Metallic Tint will achieve a solid colour, by using less tint you will achieve a translucent colour.
    For patterns, wavy designs and other abstract designs.
  • Resi Pigments
    • Resi Metallic 
      Mixing Rate: 20g/L of EPO100 Clear Resin Range
      Resi Metallic pigments are the perfect pigment to give your artwork or flooring project a vibrant pop of colour.
      Resi Metallic pigments can be mixed to create your own distinct finish for your art project 
    • Resi Sparkle 
      Mixing Rate: 5g/L of EPO100 Clear Resin Range 
      Resi Sparkle is perfect to give your artwork or flooring the brilliant sparkle it needs!
      Designed for use in the Glitter Glaze Resi Sparkle System, it is perfect for areas that require a high-end, long-term solution with a stunning sparkle and high gloss finish.
    • Resi Colour Shift 
      Mixing Rate: 20g/L of EPO100 Clear Resin Range 
      Resi Colour Shift is a multicoloured pigment, providing a colour changing effect perfect for giving your art or flooring the unique finish you’re looking for.
    • Resi Pearl
      Mixing Rate: 5g/L of EPO100 Clear Resin Range
      Resi Pearl is a bright pearlescent powder that can give a beautiful glimmer to your artwork or flooring.
      Providing a unique finish that changes based on the lighting and angle you’re looking at it from.
  • 350E Epoxy Tint: 10% Epoxy Tint will achieve a solid
    colour, by using less tint you will achieve a translucent colour.
    For single colour rivers, or mixing with Metallic Epoxy
    Tints for marble effects.

Pouring Depth

NOTE: The below ranges are a guide only, of recommended minimum and maximum pour depths. 

  • 10-15mm - EPO100C® Clear Epoxy Resin without exceeding 15L per pour.
  • 15-20mm - EPO100SCC Slow Cure Clear Epoxy Resin without exceeding 15L per pour.

If completing a project in multiple stages, note the waiting time for each product varies. Refer to individual product TDS. 


  • Do not pour multiple mixes as a single pour.
  • The mix ratio is calculated by product volume. Not by product weight
  • All epoxies will reach a higher temperature when conducting larger pours.

Working Out Volume

  • Convert measurements to cm
    L x W x H =
    Divide by 1000 to get L required
  • Example:
    The customer provides us with the following measurements,
    1.6m x 800mm x 45mm

    Convert measurements to cm
    L x W x H =
    160 x 80 x 4.5 = 57600

    Divide by 1000 to get L required,

River Table Application Instructions

  • All porous surfaces should be primed with EPO100C® Clear or EPO100SCC Slow Cure to ensure the surface is completely sealed. This will eliminate the amount of
    bubbles that come out of the timber or substrate.
  • First-time users, we suggest starting with doing 10-15ml pours at a time. 
  • Any additive, such as tint will increase the temperature and curing speed. This may increase the chance of cracking. 
  • Mix with a drill mixer at a slow speed for 2 minutes. Ensure the sides and bottom of the container/bucket are mixed.
    Tilt the drill to the side to ensure the product on top of the container/bucket is mixing in with the product on the bottom.
  • Bubbles will normally release by themselves, if you need to remove bubbles from the coating it is suggested to use a
    low heat gun from a distance of about 15-20cm waving the heat evenly across the top. Avoid holding the heat gun in a single spot for a prolonged period of time. 

NOTE: If you don't prime, the bubbles will continue to come out of the timber or substrate until it has dried. This may result in permanent bubbles encapsulated in your project.
Wait for the primer to be fully cured before commencing your pour.

Boxing can be made up of Resi Tape, builders film, or some sort of plastic. 

Cleaning of the Timber

  • DO NOT USE MINERAL TURPS - This will leave an oil
    residue on the timber which the epoxy resin will react to
    resulting in fish eyes.
  • You can clean the timber using thinners or metho.
  • Timber must be dry prior to coating.