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Experience The Difference

All Purpose Coatings Pty Ltd is a well-known and respected industry professional. Focusing primarily on the protective coatings flooring market, APC's systems are long-lasting, practical, cost-effective and designed for the residential garage through to heavy industrial applications such as mining sites, federal facilities and warehouses. Backed by industry experience, research/development and customer feedback, All Purpose Coatings have facilitated the continued improvement and diversification of our products and systems.

Custom Tints & Colour Matching

All Purpose Coatings are well equipped to tint to any of the 205 colours featured in our AS2700 Colour Gallery. This includes vibrant safety yellow, blue, red & green. 

Need something more specialised? We'll tint to match any colour in your design so you can be sure your floor perfectly matches the colour palette of your project. 

**Additional charges & production delays may apply for custom & specialty tints.

We’re Manufacturers – Not Wholesalers / Distributors

Unlike other suppliers and wholesalers, All Purpose Coatings is a manufacturer. 
Our ability to change, design and customise products to specifically match the needs of a project is both cost effective and efficient.

All Purpose Coatings has the ability to design a product or system that is specifically suited to a project or floor that has requirements above & beyond what traditional flooring systems are capable of delivering. 

All Purpose Coatings have earned and maintained a number of accreditations, including being recognised as a Registered Manufacturing Unit via our APAS (Australian Paint Approval Scheme). 

Working with Australia's largest network of installers, All Purpose Coatings has the ability to provide specification, products and a suitable installer in most locations around Australia.