EPO100CM Epoxy Grout Slow Cure
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  • EPO100CM Epoxy Grout Slow Cure

EPO100CM Epoxy Grout Slow Cure

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Epoxy Grout – Slow Cure

EPO100CM Epoxy Grout Slow Cure is a 100% Solids, three-part cycloaliphatic amine cured epoxy resin system, designed for applications demanding high structural integrity. EPO100CM exhibits excellent adhesion and high structural strengths. The exceptional resistance to a wide variety of chemical spillage and fumes makes this product ideal for use in heavy industry environments. EPO100CM is ideal for grouting and filling.


Product Application

EPO100CM and Ceramic will formulate an easy flow epoxy, self-levelling mortar grout with exceptional mechanical and chemical resistant properties. EPO100CM is specifically designed for epoxy mortars and repairs making it a versatile choice for any number of projects.

When using the complete kit, combine EPO100C 4L Part A with 2L Part B, then add 4kg 200C Ceramic. For smaller batches, add 5 Parts 200C Ceramic with combined EPO100C® mixed at (2:1) 2 Parts A with 1 Part B by volume.
Mix with a drill mixer at a slow speed for 1 minute. Ensure the sides and bottom of the container/bucket are mixed. Tilt the drill to the side to ensure the product on top of the container/bucket is mixing in with the product on the bottom.

In normal curing conditions, the EPO100CM Coating Kit does not require an induction time and coating can begin immediately after mixing. For colder climates, see product cautions for further information on mixing and induction times.

Steel Surfaces: All Steel should be shot blasted, free from rust, paint and flaky mill scale.

Formwork: The formwork should be contrasted to be leakproof as EPO100CM is a free-flowing grout. Loss of grout once the material is placed will result in incomplete filling of the gap. For free flow grout conditions, it is essential to provide a hydrostatic head of grout. To achieve this a feeding hopper system should be used. Forming materials should be coated with a release agent such as APC Tape; line the sides with APC Tape for easy release, alternatively, use a grease or wax or a plastic coating. These coatings act as a bond breaker so that a smooth grout surface is achieved after form removal and the forms are protected for re-use.

Placing: The mixed grout should be poured steadily from one side only to eliminate the entrapment of air. Continuous grout flow is essential. Sufficient grout must be available prior to starting. The time taken to pour a batch should be regulated to the time taken to prepare the next batch.



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